IICTG Founders at 40 Years CCC Symposium

Three IICTG (International Intelligent Construction Technologies Group) founding members will present at the 40 Years Continuous Compaction Control (CCC) Symposium in Vienna, Austria on November 29, 2018. Dr. George K. Chang, Transtec Group, USA (President of IICTG) will make two presentations: “Intelligent Compaction Measurement Values – A systematic classification” and “Intelligent Compaction implementation in US – Issues and solutions”. Prof. Antonio G.Correia, U. of Minho, Portugal (Vice President of IICTG) will present “Compaction improvements from an industry 4.0 perspective”. Prof. Soheil Nazarian, U. of Texas El Paso, USA (Direct of Technical Affairs of IICTG) will present “Institutional challenges and opportunities in implementation of Continuous Compaction Control”. There will also be an Open IICTG Meeting on Nov. 30, 2018 at the same location of the Symposium. Check out the entire Symposium program to celebrate the 40 years of CCC!