Bio of Dr. Jimmy Si


Dr. Jimmy Si, P.E., Technical Committee Member of IICTG

Transportation Engineer, Texas Department of Transportation

Address: 125 E. 11th Street, Austin, Texas USA

Phone: +1-512-506-5901


Si is an expert in the areas of highway material design and testing including laboratory design and evaluation of soil, base & aggregates; soil and base chemical stabilization using lime, cement and fly ash; asphalt and cement concrete mix design; pavement structural design; pavement non-destructive evaluation using GPR, FWD, LWD, and DCP; pavement forensic investigation; full-depth asphalt pavement reclamation; and intelligent compaction of soil, base and asphalt materials.

He oversees TxDOT in-house and sponsored research and implementation programs in the fields of soil and base materials, construction, and pavement evaluation. He is the project director for numerous research and implementation projects. These projects include lab test procedure development and implementation, material mix design and specification development, and pavement foundation field evaluation.

He performs field applications of experimental features or other innovative methods; provides technical support to districts and divisions on issues of specifications, test procedures, construction, and pavement investigation; develops, rewrites and revises construction specifications and test procedures; develops training course and materials; trains engineering staff in districts and divisions on implementation of innovative technology, TxDOT new special specifications/provisions, and new test methods; assists districts to develop general notes and change orders; develops and manages IAC contracts with research agencies; evaluates the performance of new transportation products including new materials, equipment, and technologies; provides information regarding innovative and experimental technologies to department personnel; provides information regarding recycled material management such as usage and cost savings; and reviews literature, technical data, material specifications and procedures.

In supporting districts and divisions, he made numerous presentations on behalf of TxDOT at workshops, short courses, technical meetings and conferences as well as webinars on materials and pavement related issues throughout the state of Texas and nationwide. He trained district lab personnel and inspectors on new lab testing procedures and field tests through the implementation projects.