XCMG and IICTG Form Partnership

The Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (XCMG) from China has joined The International Intelligence Construction Technologies (IICTG) as an Corporate Partner.
XCMG is the 6th largest construction machinery company in the world. This strategic partnership between XCMG and IICTG will focus on research and development in Intelligent Compaction as an area under the the IICTG Subcommittees:

* SC1- Real Time/Continuous Construction Quality Monitoring and Controls: Intelligent Compaction (IC).

* SC2- Machine Automation
Automated Machine Control (AMC), Automated Machine Guidance (AMG), Autonomous Construction Machinery (ACM)

* SC6- Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Neural Network (NN), Deep Learning

The XCMG’s representative to the IICTG is Mr. Lige Xue,  Road Machinery Branch. Check out the IICTG website for further details!